Understanding the importance of root canal safety with the professionals in
McDonough, GA

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Taking care of your smile is the first and most important step to beautiful, healthy teeth for a lifetime. However, there are times when conditions can occur, and problems arise that can put your smile’s overall health in danger. In situations such as this, McDonough, GA, area dentists may refer a patient to an endodontist for more specialized care. One procedure commonly performed at the practice of McDonough Endodontic Center with Drs. Rolin Desir, Alison St. Paul and Candace DeVeaux is that of root canal therapy, which is performed with safety and health in mind.

Root canal safety

The goal of an endodontic professional is to help preserve natural teeth whenever possible while also addressing pain and infection that may occur. It is an endodontist’s responsibility to educate patients on the importance of proper care and the need for endodontic therapy to save a natural tooth. The American Association of Endodontists encourages patients to take time visiting their website and learning about procedures to better understand the safety and efficacy of endodontics and root canal therapy to put anxious patients at ease.

 It is also important that patients understand the myths that surround root canal procedures so they can become better educated on the advantages of treatment and understand what is science-based and what is not. Studies continue to show that saving the structure of a natural tooth is better than permanently extracting the tooth. Root canal therapy is a much better option for patients and ensures better oral health when performed correctly. Many patients choose root canal procedures because they:

  • Maintain natural tooth structure
  • Eliminate the need for invasive tooth extractions
  • Save the bone of the jaw by keeping the natural tooth in place
  • Are affordable when compared to extraction and replacement costs
  • Are safe when performed by an experienced endodontist

Discuss your endodontic needs with our team

 Drs. Rolin Desir, Alison St. Paul and Candace DeVeaux are available to help new and current patients of their practice with a wide range of endodontic treatments. The office is conveniently located at 1705 Highway 20 W, Ste. #200, and can be reached by phone at (770) 954-8672 to make an appointment. 

Root Canal Safety

Dentists are asked to use the following guidelines to address patients who inquire about a connection between root canal treatment and illness:

  • Acknowledge the patient’s concerns; stress that optimum health is the goal for every dental patient.
  • Provide the patient with written information about endodontic treatment, and discuss it. The AAE has a variety of patient education brochures available for purchase (www.aae.org/onlinestore).
  • Provide the patient with information from the AAE website about common root canal myths:
  • aae.org/patients/treatments-and-procedures/root-canals/myths-about-root-canals-and-root-canal-pain.aspx#2.
  • Indicate that the patient is in control of his/her own decision to move forward with any dental procedure, and reiterate a commitment to the highest quality dental care.