McDonough, GA dentist dispels myths about root canals

At McDonough Endodontic Center, our professionals deal routinely with patients who have heard myths and legends about procedures such as root canal therapy. It is vital to our team that patients get accurate information regarding the treatments they will be having performed at our practice, which is why we are offering some of the more common myths that are brought up when comparing root canal therapy with the extraction of an impacted tooth. Below are just a few of the myths that we hear about in our office:

Myth: Root canals are painful.

In most cases, pain is what brings a patient into the practice to determine if root canal therapy is needed to alleviate this toothache. The procedure is done with proper sedation and anesthetics, and patients may experience mild discomfort after their procedure that can be addressed with over-the-counter pain medications.

Myth: Root canals can contribute to heart disease.

There is no scientific evidence that root canal treatment has led to illnesses such as heart disease, kidney disease, or arthritis. A study that was conducted about 100 years ago inaccurately made this claim and was before medical professionals could discern between the causes of various diseases.

Myth: Root canals can cause toxicity that leads to cancer.

Studies continue to show that there are no illnesses that are triggered or contributed to by undergoing root canal therapy procedures.

Myth: Permanently extracting a tooth is better than having root canal therapy.

Whenever possible, our dental team encourages patients to maintain their natural teeth as long as possible. Endodontic therapy makes it easy for patients to keep their smile intact and enjoy the best possible function. Replacement options such as implants, bridges, and dentures do not provide the same functionality as a natural tooth.

Are you worried about endodontic treatment because of myths you have heard?

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