McDonough, GA dentist offers apexogenesis

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An endodontist is a dental professional who specializes in providing specific treatments that improve dental health. When injury, trauma, or severe decay impacts a tooth and results in incompletely developed teeth, it may be time for a patient to speak to an endodontist about procedures such as apexogenesis. This treatment is often performed for patients in the McDonough, GA area who need endodontic intervention due to the formation of extensive tooth decay or certain traumatic injuries to the mouth.

What is apexogenesis?

Apexogenesis is a specific procedure that is performed during which the pulp in the middle of the tooth is evaluated after injury or decay. If the pulp has been damaged, it can impact the ability of the tooth to maintain within the smile. In this case, the endodontist can perform a specialized surgery that addresses inflamed dental pulp in a tooth that has not properly developed or has experienced damage. The goal of performing such a procedure is to ensure the preservation of pulp tissue within the tooth to keep root development moving forward and minimize any further damage that might occur to the tooth itself. This procedure is performed routinely by our team and can reduce or eliminate the risk of extracting a tooth that has been impacted by damage or decay.

Who can perform apexogenesis?

Apexogenesis is a unique and specialized treatment that cannot be performed by a traditional dentist. In situations such as this, a dentist may refer the patient to an endodontist such as Drs. Rolin Desir, Alison St. Paul and Candace DeVeaux. Our team can perform the procedure and save patients from requiring extraction and replacement.

Are you in need of apexogenesis?

Apexogenesis is just one of many endodontic treatments provided by our team at McDonough Endodontic Center. Drs. Rolin Desir, Alison St. Paul and Candace DeVeaux encourage patients in the areas of Hampton, Locust Grove, Stockbridge, and McDonough, Georgia to speak to them regarding their needs. If you are a good candidate for apexogenesis, contact the office by calling (770) 954-8672 and schedule an evaluation. Our practice is conveniently located at 1705 Highway 20 W, Suite #200, and accepts new patients.