Apexification with McDonough, GA dentist

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An endodontist is a specialized professional who has the ability and training to treat difficult dental situations that are beyond the scope of a traditional dentist. Drs. Rolin Desir, Alison St. Paul and Candace DeVeaux of McDonough, GA are professionals who are experienced in providing a procedure called apexification, often performed when patients have an open apex. These open apexes are commonly found in teeth that have not been fully developed or those that have experienced resorption. This leaves the root end of the tooth exposed and unsealed.

What is the goal of apexification?

Apexification is a procedure performed by an endodontist to form a barrier of hard tissue where the tooth has an open apex. This is done to allow the root canal procedure to be performed and the inner canals to become properly sealed. The benefit of sealing the tooth following root canal procedures is to ensure that no bacteria can enter the canals of the tooth and cause an infected tooth or inflammation to the dental pulp.  Most cases of apexification are successful when performed by a trained professional, though there are times when the root end barrier does not stop the resorption process or does not allow the barrier to fully form. In situations such as this, patients may require more surgical procedures to save the tooth or face extraction.

What other procedures may be performed by our endodontic team?

Endodontists perform a wide range of surgical procedures that are used in improving dental health and wellness, and apexification is just one of many. To determine if a patient requires treatment by an endodontist, they must first visit their traditional dental team for a diagnosis of their problem and then receive a referral to the team at McDonough Endodontic Center.

Learn more about apexification

Call McDonough Endodontic Center at (770) 954-8672 to request an appointment with our team. We can evaluate a patient to determine if they are a good candidate for apexification and can discuss the process of treatment for a successful procedure. Our facility is located at 1705 Highway 20 W, Ste. 200 and accepts new patients from the areas of Hampton, Locust Grove, Stockbridge, and McDonough, GA.