When Does Your Child Need to See an Endodontist?

February is Children’s Dental Health Month, and that usually means an increased emphasis on routine care and cavity prevention by parents, teachers, and dentists.

As important as prevention is to overall dental health, one thing often overlooked is that children sometimes need to see an endodontist too. An endodontist is a dentist with advanced training in treating the pulp located in each tooth. Below we discuss five reasons your child may need to visit McDonough Endodontic Center in McDonough, Georgia.

Sudden or Unexplained Pain in One or More Teeth

If your child complains of a toothache and you can’t determine an obvious cause, don’t hesitate to ask his or her regular dentist for a referral to our endodontists. This is also true if you try home remedies such as applying an ice pack to the painful area or taking non-prescription medication to no avail.

Dr. Rolin Desir or Dr. Alison St. Paul will isolate the source of the pain and provide your child with prompt, appropriate treatment. Remember that waiting it out isn’t the best approach when it comes to tooth pain, particularly if your child ends up needing a root canal or other type of endodontic treatment.

Trauma to the Mouth

Children have a higher risk than adults of experiencing mouth trauma simply because they’re more active. Whether it’s a baseball that strikes the cheek or falling off playground equipment, accidents can happen quickly and cause long-lasting damage without prompt evaluation and treatment.

Time is of the essence with these types of injuries because they could cause the pulp of the teeth to become exposed. This is very painful for adults, let alone children. Failing to treat the mouth trauma promptly could prolong your child’s pain and make it far more likely he or she will need the tooth extracted or face other invasive procedures.

Extreme Sensitivity to Temperature Changes

Drinking a cold beverage or eating a hot meal and then yelping in pain isn’t normal. It could be a sign that your child has exposed pulp needing a root canal or requires a dental crown on the sensitive tooth. Additionally, hot and cold sensitivity could indicate that your child has cracks in the tooth. When hot or cold touches the tooth, it causes it to expand and for the microscopic cracks to become larger. The painful sensations occur when the hot or cold food or beverage makes its way to the nerves of the tooth that lie just below its enamel.

Ignoring the problem of tooth sensitivity means that it’s certain to get worse. By visiting our endodontist promptly, you can determine the cause of the hot and cold sensitivity and the best method to treat it. It also ensures that your child is as comfortable as possible and doesn’t develop anxiety around eating due to tooth pain.

A Broken Tooth with Exposed Pulp

Pulp within each tooth consists of blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves. If you see any of these things when inspecting your child’s broken tooth, contact McDonough Endodontics immediately. This is a dental emergency that requires prompt evaluation and treatment. Avoiding the endodontist could mean extreme pain for your child, a tooth abscess, or the eventual loss of the tooth. While the most likely course of treatment is a root canal, your child’s endodontist will consider all options and advise you accordingly.

When Your Child Requires Oral Surgery

If your dentist has informed you that your child needs oral surgery, he or she should refer out to an endodontist or other specialty to complete it. Common endodontic examples include incision and drainage, apicoectomy, hemisection, and root canals.

Visit the Endodontists Who Know How to Treat Children

At McDonough Endodontics, we welcome all children and treat them with the respect and compassion they deserve. Both you and your child will feel at ease in our comfortable, kid-friendly environment. If you feel your child has a dental health issue related to tooth pulp, ask your dentist for a referral to our endodontic practice today.