On A Mission: A Recap of Dr. Desir’s Spring 2018 Mission Trips

Dr. Desir's mission trips

Spring of 2018 was a very busy time for Dr. Desir. He was not only spending time doing Root canals here at McDonough Endodontic Center but he was also traveling abroad to partake in dental mission trips in both Haiti and Nicaragua. While Dr. Desir was away performing volunteer work, patients were being taken care of by Dr. St. Paul and their amazing team.

Dr. Desir loves the Lord and loves to share God’s love through dentistry as he serves others. Every year he participates in mission trips as a way to give back to others. This year, Dr. Desir visited two countries on separate dental mission trips.

Dr. Desir

On March 30th he set out with a group of 12 members from his local Church- First Baptist of Atlanta, GA. This group included physicians, nurses and other logistic members to would treat patients in Haiti for a week. While in Haiti, Dr. Desir’s team treated hundreds of patients.

Dr. Desir and team

On April 14th 2018 he departed again, this time with his wife and a group of 28 Global Health Outreach (GHO) members to Nicaragua for another week. The smiles and hugs they received from the patients were priceless.

Dr. Desir and patient

Dr. Desir is now back in Georgia and is already looking forward to his next trip.