How to Choose the Right Endodontist for You

With National Dentist’s Day coming up on March 6, you might be considering what qualities to look for in a dental specialist known as an endodontist. While all dentists earn an undergraduate degree, graduate from dental school, and complete hundreds of supervised hours of patient care and planning, endodontists complete an additional two years of training after dental school.

These specialists diagnose and treat diseases related to the inside of a tooth, especially the pulp and tissues surrounding it. Each tooth has pulp that contains blood vessels, soft tissues, and nerves. When bacteria invades the pulp, several types of endodontic diseases can occur. The root canal is the most common endodontic procedure. This involves an endodontist removing the diseased pulp and cleaning the tooth from the inside.

Key Considerations When Searching for an Endodontist

In most cases, patients visit an endodontist because their primary dentist referred them to one. When you have a choice of where to go, it’s important to consider the qualifications, experience level, and attributes of both the endodontist and the dental practice.

For example, Dr. Desir and Dr. St. Paul of McDonough Endodontic Center have a reputation for offering gentle and personalized care. They understand that every patient comes to them with different treatment needs and concerns. Just because they perform several root canals each week doesn’t mean they approach any two procedures the same way. Whichever endodontist treats you will take the time to explain the procedure and address your concerns before proceeding with it. Other things to consider during your search for an endodontist include:

Does the practice offer advanced technology? Successful endodontic procedures require accurate imaging for planning purposes. Our practice uses cone beam computed tomography to provide the most accurate three-dimensional images to aid Dr. Desir and Dr. St. Paul with diagnosing, planning, and treating your endodontic disease. Radiograph machines allow our endodontists to see between teeth while exposing you to 90 percent less radiation than traditional dental X-ray equipment. Finally, our surgical microscopes magnify up to 25 times for precise accuracy compared to only about four times for typical dental microscopes.

Is the procedure affordable, and is the endodontic staff honest about costs? McDonough Endodontic Center currently accepts insurance from 19 providers and some dental discount plans. We also offer several convenient payment options for any balance not paid by your insurance company. In addition to cash, check, and major credit card, we accept CareCredit and Wells Fargo Health Advantage. If approved, you may qualify for low interest or no interest financing with convenient payment terms.

Does the staff help educate you about endodontic procedures and oral healthcare? We believe that an educated patient is a happy and empowered one. This is the reason we have multiple pages dedicated to answering your questions regarding everything from tooth pain to sedation options to registering as a patient. You can find this and more under the Patient Resources tab.

Get to Know Dr. Desir and Dr. St. Paul

Dr. Rolin Desir earned his undergraduate degree from Florida International University, his Doctor of Dental Science (DDS) from Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry in Tennessee, and completed a one-year general dental practice residency in New York. This inspired his passion for endodontics, which later led to completion of a two-year post-doctoral degree in the field. Dr. Desir is currently working toward becoming a diplomat in endodontics, which is the highest honor available in this dental specialty.

Dr. Alison St. Paul received her undergraduate degree in biology from Miami’s Barry University, her DDS from the University of Pennsylvania, and completed a general practice residency at a Bronx, New York hospital. She also earned a Master of Science degree and an endodontic certification from the University of North Carolina. Both Dr. St. Paul and Dr. Desir hold board certification in endodontics.

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